01 Apr 2017
Undercover Self Storage

Undercover Self Storage is expanding to better serve our customers!

We have just broken ground to build 2 new indoor storage unit buildings. Unit sizes will range from 10’x5’ to 10’x40’.

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14 Oct 2014
Undercover Self Storage

When most people think about self-storage, they imagine large air conditioned spaces used to store old furniture. While this use is a true and popular use for storage units, there's a lot more to these facilities than the average person may think. Here are a few quick fact about self-storage:

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15 Apr 2014
Reasons to use Undercover Self Storage

There are plenty of reasons why self storage is useful in personal and business use.  
Here is a quick list of the best:

1. Reduce Clutter
Renting a self storage unit can be a great way to reduce clutter and free up needed space at the home or office. A storage unit is a smart place to keep a few boxes, old appliances, memorabilia, heirlooms and old toys.

2. Space
Homes often do not have the storage space to hold large items. For instance, if you have ski boats, canoes or vintage cars, you may not have room for them in your garage or driveway. A self storage unit could give you a place to store such items that provides protection from the weather and some added security. If your garage has slowly filled with things like your exercise equipment and camping supplies and you want to reclaim it for your car, a self storage unit may be a perfect solution.

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11 Apr 2014

What spring cleaning means for most of us is de-cluttering, tackling all that junk in the garage, finding a new place for winter coats, and sprucing up your outdoor living spaces. Keeping in mind that storage units are a great place to store those un-needed winter items, here is a quick check list to get your outdoor living space ready for spring!

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